Meet the members of the Professional Development Associates team:

Gary Dichtenberg
Gary Dichtenberg is President of Professional Development Associates. Gary's expertise is in personal and organizational change and in skill building for effective leadership and team development. He has directed hundreds of development efforts in the United States and Europe. Gary has assisted several organizations establish performance management systems and recognition programs. Gary's experience includes: Vice President at Citigroup; teaching at Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations and teaching at the American Society for Mechanical Engineers. He is on the commercial panel of the American Arbitration Association

John Mitchell, Ph.D.
John Mitchell, Ph.D., has more than 30 years' experience as a management consultant, business executive and university professor, Dr. Mitchell's broad experience in team and organizational development has assisted hundreds of individuals to significantly increase their leadership skills.

Carol Ann Caccioppoli
Carol Ann Caccioppoli has been employed as Vice President and Manager of Global Processing University in Prudential Securities Inc. Operations area.  In this capacity her team provided both product, customer service, and soft skills training for the entire nationally and internationally based operations group.  Carol Ann managed a staff of fifteen trainers and call coaches.  She was  instrumental in designing and establishing an acclaimed mentor program for all new employees.  She designed and implemented leadership training for all managers and supervisors.  Additionally, she designed , coordinated, and implemented off-site conferences for over 300 supervisors at Prudential.

Eli Harari
Eli Harari, President of I.C.I. Solve Consulting, is an accomplished coach and personal development specialist. Throughout his 17-year international career he has conducted seminars to thousands of people from a variety of countries and organizations. In addition to his coaching and training skills, Eli is an accomplished motivational speaker, well known for his keynote lecturing skills. Eli has conducted hundreds of seminars to sales organizations and different interest groups. He has also worked extensively with government and military personnel, individually and collectively. Eli has been a buyer for the Israeli Defense Ministry and a speaker for the Israeli Consulate in N.Y. Eli has served as an officer in the Israeli army.

Mark Alan Schall
Mark Alan Schall is a specialist in the area of Human Relations. He is a recognized expert facilitator and educator in the areas of Personal Development, Interpersonal Communication, Diversity, Sexual Harassment, and Organizational Change. For seven years, Mark has been facilitating programs around the country on many sensitive organizational issues. Recent clients include US Department of Defense, Arthur Andersen, Inc., Toys ‘R Us, GAP Inc., US Department of Health and Human Services, US Bureau of Public Debt, The Candle Corporation, American Express, Merck Medco, Con Edison and many more. Mark has a Masters Degree in Counseling and Human Development from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Stony Brook. He is certified as a Mediator by the New York Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and has a part-time practice as a Personal Counselor/Psychotherapist in New York City.

Andre DeZanger Ph.D.
Andre DeZanger Ph.D. is a Co-Director of the Creativity Institute of N.Y., dedicated to enhancing the Creative, Innovative and Inventive processes. He is an engineer, inventor, author, and seminar leader. He has facilitated "Creative-Innovation" projects at AT&T, Bell Labs, NASA, United Technologies, Department of Defense, Ogilvy and Mather, and the Federal Reserve Bank. He is the author of "The Creative Genius Book", "Zingers', "TRIZ - 40 Principles of Inventing", "Instant Selling" and has co-authored the creativity chapter in The Advertising Managers Handbook (1997) and "The Tao of Living on Purpose"(1998). Andre is a faculty member of the Creative Problem Solving Institute at Buffalo State University. He is the inventor of the "Flasher" (an anti-theft auto device), and the co-creator of the "Creativity Machine", a creativity computer software program.
Andre is currently working in the field of "Quantum Creativity", the exchange of Creative Energy into Matter (E = MCreating2), and the application of the "Leonardo Da Vinci Model" of creativity to every day life (Percezione, Illustrazione and Dimostrazione).


"Virtually everyone in my Department raved about the workshop and its helpfulness in dealing with human interactions both personal and professional. On behalf of my staff, thank you for the time you spent with us."

- Dwayne A. Jackson, Senior Manager Fortune 500

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